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Believe in Peace

11th, December 2022

Hope + Trust = Peace In this second week of advent we look at how the hope that Mary had, and the trust that Joseph...

Believe In Hope

4th, December 2022

It is through the original blessing found in the story of Mary that we are able discover the gift of hope in the Christmas story....

Finding Gratitude As We Age

13th, November 2022

We rarely talk about aging with positive messaging. How then do we work towards finding gratitude as we age? It comes over time by shifting...

Practicing Gratitude

30th, October 2022

Finding gratitude in our lives is something we can cultivate, a practice so to speak. When we create a daily gratitude practice we are able...

Always With Wonder

2nd, October 2022

Imagine a world where we were able to live “always with wonder.” It allows us to see the world from a new place. A clear...

Mirrors and Windows

25th, September 2022

In life we struggle. We get consumed with how we look to others. Imagine a way in which we were no longer looking in the...