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Conflict with Others

24th, September 2023

Heaven is more interested in solving problems than conflict. Hell, on the other hand, would have us flip, prioritizing conflict over actual constructive engagement with...

Conflict with Ourselves

17th, September 2023

Every human being is a mix. Blessed and broken. Saint and sinner. True self and false self. How can we hold all the conflict in...

Problems Are Ok

10th, September 2023

As much as we’d all like to avoid the challenges and setbacks we’re faced with, there’s an incredibly potent silver lining that comes with them....

Finding Faith

3rd, September 2023

Many of us want more faith in our lives. “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief” seems like a common experience. And God does answer that...

Slowing Down

27th, August 2023

We live in a time in which we relentlessly pursue efficiency. Efficiency has many positive attributes, but it rapidly can cost us our presence. How...

Love Is Patient

20th, August 2023

One of the most powerful definitions and descriptions of love can be found in 1st Corinthians 13. The first line is… “Love is Patient.” Why...

What Are Heaven and Hell?

13th, August 2023

Is there a place of eternal reward called heaven? And a place of eternal punishment called hell? Join us as we explore Heaven, Hell, and...

House Building 101

6th, August 2023

Jesus asks us to build our house “on the rock.” What is the “rock” we can build on? What are the “sands” we need to...

Do Not Worry

30th, July 2023

We live in an anxious time. How can we rediscover a God-given trust that helps lessen the anxieties that haunt us? 7/30/23