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Your Job is Sacred

10th, March 2024

When we think of spirituality, probably the last thing that comes to mind is our jobs. But New Church theology makes the astounding claim that...

What Are You Anxious About?

3rd, March 2024

While some anxieties are understandable and even at times helpful, other anxieties are purely destructive, leading us literally no-where. Getting rid of those destructive anxieties...

What Are You Mad At?

25th, February 2024

We all struggle with loops. A common one … rage. When we hit that point, our thoughts and anger quicken at lightning speed, and more...

Creating a Pause

11th, February 2024

In a famous prayer, an ancient king does not ask for wealth or victory but instead asks for a discerning heart. God grants the wish....

Deep Knowing

4th, February 2024

God desires each of us to have this deep, inward knowledge of Him and His kingdom. He says “Behold, I stand at the door and...

What Happens When We Die

28th, January 2024

Have you ever pondered what happens when we die? Most people sense something on the other side of this life. From a Swedenborgian perspective, what...

Not the Way It Used to Be

14th, January 2024

We are left many times with the realization that life and our capabilities are not what they used to be. We struggle with those limitations...