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The Three Rivers

22nd, May 2022

It’s important for us to think about how our lives will move forward. Will love carry us? Knowledge? Intellect? Maybe it is all three put...


15th, May 2022

Gratitude greatly simplifies our life. And here is the trick – it is not about gratitude somehow attached to “more.” It is instead learning how...


8th, May 2022

We all know that in the long run people value experiences more than things.  How then do we learn to recalibrate, valuing memories more than...


1st, May 2022

We navigate life not out of knowing how the whole journey will go, but instead using a few key coordinates. What’s your true north? 5/1/22

The Seven Stages of Life

24th, April 2022

“Let there be light.” With those words, God creates not physical light, but spiritual light within each of us. At this service we’ll be learning...

Easter Sunday

17th, April 2022

Join us for this inspiring family service as we celebrate Easter Sunday together! 4/17/22

Trial and Denial

10th, April 2022

This week, we look at two events – happening side-by-side – a trial and a story of denial.  While we know our lives must be...

Praying in the Dark

3rd, April 2022

Part of the celebration of Easter is actually allowing ourselves to enter quieter, more reflective places. What might we hear from God there? 4/3/22

Chasing Beauty

20th, March 2022

Social media often forces us to chase a beauty that is at best elusive.  How do we find a way to be centered on a...


13th, March 2022

When someone we love takes their life it fills us with heartbreak and tenderness. Join us as we gently hold this topic together. **Due to...

Grieving a Loved One

6th, March 2022

Join us this Sunday as we look at the universal experience of grieving. Grief is something many of us have experienced. As Anne Lamott puts...