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Biblical Angels: Love Makes Room

9th, October 2022


What are Biblical Angels? How do they show up in our lives? What messages do Biblical Angels have for us?

If we reflect on the stories of Biblical Angels, as we see in stories like Elijah’s, messages often come when we need them most, but rather than providing answers, or solutions, Biblical Angels typically offer us fortitude, strength, and the guidance we need to complete our spiritual journeys and appreciate the human experience.

One of the things those angels know, above all others, is that love makes room. This is their lesson. This is the guidance they provide. It is then up to us to explore how we find more capacity for that love? How do we create love that welcomes others into our lives? That welcomes what we need from our communities, friends, families, and selves? How do we find love that warms and, therefore, sustains?

Seek More About Biblical Angels?

Swedenborg’s work focused quite a bit on Biblical Angels including who they are and how they show up in our lives. It’s a topic we, as a Swedenborgian Church, explore and discuss often.

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  1. ‘Don’t know how to write a song to:
    – celebrate my guardian angel who provided a means of staying
    alive when I should have been killed 4 PM on 30 DEC ’69 during
    a very-real aerial dog fight. I was trying to survive a coordinated
    attack by three Douglas A-1 SKYRAIDERS versus me in my Cessna
    O-1 Birddog with its pathetic performance, comparatively.
    – After several decades of reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion
    that God kept me alive that day. But why? If for His
    higher purpose, I need to get cracking, as I’m nearing 80. So, how
    do I find out?

  2. I am a songwriter/singer. I write daily for peoples life experiences or love. I will have it written by Monday. Read “keep Believing,” by Kimberly Gold. They are short stories of how God has saved, or intervened in lives. Keep reading your Bible, it unfolds daily, as we are reborn.