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Learning How to Pray

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How Angels Become Angels

11th, August 2022


How Angels Become Angels

Joy, Peace, Openness – now there is path we can walk on!

Secrets of Heaven 540



  1. If everyone who is in hell eventually leaves hell it means that ultimately there
    is no free will. In Swedenborg’s writings human free will is the most important thing of all. Love never loses control, and is ever in a position where it has to ‘win in the end’ as hell is a place of mercy, not punishment.

  2. Those that are in Hell, are there due to their own “free will.” We are given the commandments (the Law) and then we were given forgiveness for those sins (Jesus). If we still “choose” to sin, we will have to held accountable. I love my children because it is the nature of a nurturing mother, but; I still want them to be able to be independent when I am gone from this world. I know true happiness comes from living within Gods word. I know that sin brings sorry and regrets. I will discipline my children to hold them accountable for their actions, if needed. As they grow, I would also hope they would not choose addictions or hurt any one along their journey. If they choose to hurt another or indulge in self gratification that leads to harm in others, I would lock them up in Jail. I would make sure they had their necessities, but I could not allow my love for them to interfere in love for others. God is a merciful God and has seen more than we know in dark places, still he holds back from the punishment of many. He hopes for rehabilitation or a reborn mind and heart; this is also a choice. The Word is there for all to read and learn from. It is up to us all to read and ask in diligent prayer.