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10 Minutes of Calm

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Freedom From The Voices That Haunt Us

4th, June 2023


Many struggle with voices in their head that do anything but serve. Freed from those voices, even temporarily, we find moments of God-given peace. How can we live in that place more?



  1. I’m new, this content is very interesting, been reading Swedenborg for a while. I have an Evangelical experience etc etc. I was wondering did SB say anything about speaking in tongues? Why do I ask? For a long time would have said that I was NOT a christian, and I could still speak in tongues still. I am exploring Christianity as described by SB, and I can still speak in tongues. There you go. That’s my question.

    • That is a very interesting question. Thanks for asking! Swedenborg and specifically the New Church do not take positions that I am aware of on those kinds of things. As a Pastor, I think people do have different, unique gifts.

      Areas where I would be leary as a Pastor center more around the concept of faith healing – that with the “right” pastor and the “perfect” set of prayers, we can be freed from a physical ailment. That kind of transactional love is different from the transformative love of God.

      Hope that answers your question. Glad you are enjoying the content.