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You Are the Lungs

10th, December 2021

“It is a secret not yet known in this world that heaven, seen all at once, appears as a single human being.”—Emanuel Swedenborg, eighteenth-century scientist,...

Peace In a New Light

5th, December 2021

Christmas reminds us of a deeper peace beyond life’s circumstances, a peace reminding us, “God is here too.” Join us as we celebrate the season...

Finding Enough

21st, November 2021

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday, one of the most joy filled. And within that joy lies an opportunity for a life-giving shift around seeing –...

God Is a Way of Life

14th, November 2021

What’s more important than knowing who God is? The clearest picture we can get may just reveal itself by studying how God lives. 11/14/21

Filled With Challenges

29th, August 2021

With a smile, we can safely guarantee that those who believe a connection with God will save them from all the challenges of life, are...

A Taste of Heaven

22nd, August 2021

We will all experience at least a taste of heaven on earth. Those “tastes” will be different but the deeper experience of that soul-level joy,...