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From Nervous to Centered

28th, July 2024

The book of Philippians is a fascinating section from the Bible. Written by Paul while he was imprisoned, it offers clear directions around navigating life...

Bending Not Breaking

18th, July 2024

God’s love is gentle. It seeks to bend not break. How can we humbly mirror that in our own lives? Love for others is a...

Love Never Sleeps

17th, July 2024

Love never sleeps. We can never and will never live outside of God’s love. God’s presence is always among us. Love is the heart of...

A Battle of Imaginations

16th, July 2024

We all are in a battle of imaginations. Our imagination on one hand looks outward towards a better more beautiful world. Our other imagination, with...

Hope in Uncertain Times

14th, July 2024

As our journeys take us though episodes of challenge, Hope may be the best medicine but often the most elusive. Join New Church Live for...

A 1000-year-old Church

12th, July 2024

Recently, in visiting a church in Norway that is over 1000 thousand years old, one is left feeling the deep sacredness of time, and left...

Breaking the Cycle

9th, July 2024

We can get caught in loops – loops of thought that replay endlessly. How can we break out of those loops? One thing to remember...