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Grief and Joy

26th, March 2023

Easter’s power is around a cycle known well to all of humanity – Death, Waiting, Resurrection. Restated, we face loss, a loss followed by a...

Protecting Each Other

22nd, March 2023

Protecting Each Other We have many opportunities to protect each other. One of the best (and most difficult) ways is giving others the benefit of...


21st, March 2023

Kinship From Fr. Gregory Boyle: You stand with the least likely to succeed until success is succeeded by something more valuable: kinship. You stand with...

Joy = Food

20th, March 2023

Joy = Food What will “serve as food”? Joy! The Joy of Heaven grows from mutual love. Bring a commitment to Joy to your life.

Layers Upon Layers

17th, March 2023

Layers Upon Layers Underneath our worldly concerns lie these deeper levels of love, levels that anchor us to God and to each other. They are...

Memories Change

10th, March 2023

Memories Change Memories, in a sense, are always with us. But maybe, with attention, memories can “change” in positive ways.