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Our Own Worst Enemy

7th, June 2022

Our Own Worst Enemy “The most egregious sin is humanity’s will to be powerful in a way only God is – to control our own...

Holy Darkness

6th, June 2022

Holy Darkness Creation begins in holy darkness. It is a pattern repeated many times in our life, where darkness yields to light. Gen. 3:24 Secrets...

Loneliness vs. Solitude

5th, June 2022

How do we differentiate between being alone vs solitude? Feelings of isolation, disconnection and loneliness are more prevalent than ever. This week we explore how to...

Taking Care of that Hero

3rd, June 2022

Taking Care of that Hero All epic tales begin with the hero leaving home. Same with the Bible. That is, as Joseph Campbell phrased it,...

Packing for the Journey

2nd, June 2022

Packing for the Journey The time comes when we, figuratively, leave the Garden of Eden, a time when we move out and move on. How...

The Good News in Pain

1st, June 2022

The Good News in Pain As we leave in a sense the simpler times of our lives, we run up against pain. And pain, surprisingly,...

The Broken and the Blessed

29th, May 2022

Through a life of commitment and dedication, there will be inevitable challenges to those things we deeply treasure. How do we react? How do we...