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Looking in the Mirror

18th, June 2024

The spiritual life depends on a candid level of self-examination where we look at all our tendencies towards self-pity, self-will, anger, resentment, pride, and fear....

You Are Seen

16th, June 2024

We all struggle with loneliness. And yet the elemental building block of all creation is love. How can we build there, finding more connection and...

With Great Measure

14th, June 2024

Freedom has love as its core. The Lord seeks to bring the two into harmony …. our deepest love and a life in which we...

The Gift

13th, June 2024

The list of gifts in life can be blessedly endless. And one to consider … the gift that we get to choose.

Bottoming Out

12th, June 2024

Sometimes the only way we will face our challenges head on is by bottoming out. Not a pleasant thought but we can find a unique...

Yield and Rightsize

11th, June 2024

There is a true freedom at our core – a pure gift of God. Peace, shalom, is one of its great echoes. When we are...

Freedom and Compulsion

7th, June 2024

Freedom and compulsion are not opposite one another. They each support the other as a gift. We all get a point of view. Our job...