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Where Do We Go From Fear?

19th, February 2023

Often our “here” is filled with “fear.” Fear takes us away from the moment right in front of us, either digging up the past or...


17th, February 2023

Sacrifice To “sacrifice’ means ‘to make sacred.’ What is God’s desire in that offering? Can we look at life through the lens of our hearts?...

A New Spin on Freedom

15th, February 2023

A New Spin on Freedom True freedom is not about doing whatever we want. It is about being who we were created to be. And...

The Meaning of “In Love”

14th, February 2023

The Meaning of “In Love” In our culture there is the beautiful and romantic notion of being “in love.” What does that phrase “in love”...

What Does Worry Want?

13th, February 2023

What Does Worry Want? Worry has a certain “agenda” … but it rarely involves solving a problem. Check out our full service on Worry

What Do You Worry About?

12th, February 2023

We all harbor worries ranging from work, to money, to health to aging, to worries around our loved ones.  Yet God’s gentle reminder is clear,...

What is Inside?

9th, February 2023

What is Inside? “The Kingdom of God is within.” What does that mean? How we can we understand it better as we differentiate between knowledge...

Weaving it Together

8th, February 2023

Weaving it Together One way to look at God’s work in our lives is to see it as ‘weaving’… to see it as the way...

A Commitment to Beauty

7th, February 2023

A Commitment to Beauty To find beauty in our lives and in the world, we need to undertake a committed search. It’s not a committed...