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Starting Small

10th, April 2024

We crave the one big epic “battle”. Yet life is far more about one small step followed by another. What does that mean in our...

What We Just Can’t Forget

9th, April 2024

I imagine all us have at least one strained relationship. What can’t we forget? Let’s talk about it what our guidepost must remain. _ The...

Getting Realigned

2nd, April 2024

We are asked to consistently go back to basics, realign ourselves and reform our lives where necessary. Much of this means going back to the...

Celebrating Easter

31st, March 2024

On Easter Sunday, let’s gather together to celebrate the miracle of this story – God’s story – where the final answer to death is not...

Know What You Know

29th, March 2024

Many of us can only truly know a few things… and that is more than enough for God to work with. There is great importance...


26th, March 2024

Shadows in the dark can be scary things. What we need to remind ourselves is that shadows are only formed because of the absence of...