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The Big Hurt

27th, May 2022

The Big Hurt Fr. Henri Nouwen held us all as “Wounded Healers.” Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl believed that the challenges of life led him to...

Trust Your Struggle

24th, May 2022

Trust Your Struggle We fail. And we struggle. How do we learn to trust God and trust God when failure comes? Genesis 3

The Three Rivers

22nd, May 2022

It’s important for us to think about how our lives will move forward. Will love carry us? Knowledge? Intellect? Maybe it is all three put...

Windows and Mirrors

20th, May 2022

Window and Mirrors When we come to know how little we really know, it is an often humbling experience. From that humble place, we learn...

Learning to Trust

18th, May 2022

Learning To Trust “Trust” is a hard to hold after it has been a broken – a nearly universal human experience. How then do we...