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Always With Wonder

2nd, October 2022

Imagine a world where we were able to live “always with wonder.” It allows us to see the world from a new place. A clear...

Mirrors and Windows

25th, September 2022

In life we struggle. We get consumed with how we look to others. Imagine a way in which we were no longer looking in the...

Higher Perspective

18th, September 2022

We struggle with tunnel vision and limited sight. How do we gain a more panoramic view of life? Can we see life through God’s eyes?...

What Do You Want To Hear?

4th, September 2022

Most churches are answering questions that people are not asking. What would YOU like to hear at church? This service will be very interactive and...

You Were Made to Help

28th, August 2022

Human beings were designed by God to find our greatest joy in helping others. We talk about the concept of “usefulness” and how each of...