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Take a Breath

5th, January 2024

Our lives settle often between two extremes – our best intentions and our compulsions. Simply put, one works and one does not. How do we...

12 New Chapters

2nd, January 2024

Every moment touches eternity. Why? Because we can choose within that moment a touch of heaven. Right now, 12 new chapters are in front of...

Peace in Imperfect Moments

12th, December 2023

Peace in Imperfect Moments Christmas is filled with moments from absurdly joyful, to messy and frustrating. How do we find peace even in the imperfect?

Hope As Protest

5th, December 2023

Hope As Protest True hope is grounded. It is deeply grounded in the world as it is as well as being deeply grounded in a...

The Mistakes We All Share

30th, November 2023

The Mistakes We All Share We are all – universally – selfish, self-centered, and fear driven at times. Those are mistakes we all share. So,...

The Battle Within

3rd, November 2023

The Battle Within The spiritual battle is almost always within. If we are disturbed it may be best to look at what within ourselves first.