"I urge you to consider signing a Partnership Agreement.  We function within a society that treasures "choice."  That can be a wonderful thing - and a curse at times.  We are always in search of choice and, important to note, that at times "choice" can come at the cost of commitment.  Partnership should be a form of joy-filled commitment that one freely chooses.

We need committed people to move NewChurch LIVE forward.  Commitment is what sees us through that one crummy Sunday service we did not like, through the anger at someone in a small group, through the times frankly when this church and yes this minister will disappoint.   Commitment moves us through all the petty annoyances that are part of a group of people trying to do something important together.   

And what comes out the back end is the sheer joy of - and here I am borrowing TR's words - doing work worth doing.  Folks, this is work worth doing!  It is worth doing because it is for the highest of purposes - trying to help ourselves, our fellow humanity, and our God to do something good.  Parternership is about a stake in the ground, a flag on top of the mountain, saying "Here we go."

 I so appreciate all the committed partners that have gotten us this far.  I look forward to what the next step looks like! My goal is to hit 100 "Partners" in short order.  Just fill it out and return it to the office, 2735 Huntingdon Pike, Box 716, Bryn Athyn, PA.  19009."
  Pastor Chuck

This is how the Partnership Agreement works ....

I ________________________________________________

want to become a Partner in this Church.   As such I understand that the call to Partnership is sacred.   I understand it is sacred because it calls for certain levels of sacrifice.  That sacrifice must always be with an eye to the greater good, in a spirit of loving kindness towards God and my fellow humanity. 


  1. Support the core Christian New Church mission of NewChurch LIVE as a vehicle for both serving broader communities and those who find a home in this congregation
  2. Volunteer time to support broader communities and NewChurch LIVE
  3. Develop a disciplined spiritual life through the work that leads to joy
  4. Financially support NewChurch LIVE in order to create a healthy church environment able to serve others

Straight forward!  Click here to download the Partnership Form.

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