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How Angels Find Joy

12th, August 2022

How Angels Find Joy A lot of the joy is around service, AND a lot is around openness. Secrets of Heaven 544 #angels #heaven #joy

Variety is Perfection

24th, July 2022

5 Ideas that Could Change Your Life Variety is Perfection It’s good that we’re different! A complex machine like a car or a computer needs...

Lunch with the Pastor

1st, September 2022

Whether you’re searching for a new church community, looking to reconnect, learn more, or simply explore how the church can fit into your life, we’d...

Journey Together

12th, June 2022

In our journeys we will find most often that we need more people to travel with us versus less. That was true thousands of years...

Volunteer at St. Francis Inn

7th, September 2022

UPCOMING DATES: Wednesday September 7th Thursday September 29th We offer volunteer opportunities at St. Francis Inn a few times a month. If you live local...


8th, May 2022

We all know that in the long run people value experiences more than things.  How then do we learn to recalibrate, valuing memories more than...

A New Kind of Clarity

20th, February 2022

We can confuse “clarity” with “purity.” God does not offer a “pure” world. What He offers us is a good world. 2/20/22

Beyond Our Tribe

13th, February 2022

It is relatively easy to love those within our own self-defined tribe. They are the ones “like us” as opposed to others who are not....